Panama Vaults Corportion

We are a Panamanian company with more than 5 years in the market, dedicated to offering the rental service of non-bank high security boxes, with a space that is sophisticatedly designed to reduce risks and optimize the protection of your assets 100%. Certified and specialized security systems, with cutting-edge technology and the best protection systems.

. Maximum level of security, privacy and confidentiality.
. Convenient and discreet location.
. Easy documentation.
. Highly trained staff, friendly and effective service.


  • Make your life a more peaceful and happy life, providing you with security with total confidentiality.
  • Take care of your things as if they were ours.


  • To be the leading company in the market and to expand our services to new horizons at a regional level.
  • Help and encourage the development of a society that is more aware of the importance of caring for its assets and values.


  • Honesty: We believe in the importance of being transparent and direct in all our actions.
  • Trust: We create strong ties with people and we fulfill our mission, without any excuse.
  • Safety: Every day we remind ourselves of our motivation and act firmly based on it.
  • Kindness: Spirit of service, through a warm and humane treatment.
  • Dedication: We are passionate about what we do, and we do it very well.
  • Availability: Always attentive to assist you regardless of the time and day.
  • Discretion: We take care of your information in a totally private and secure way. Only you know what you keep.